Shuko-kai Karate Academy
Plano & Frisco, Texas
Shuko-kai Karate Academy operates in Plano/Frisco area since 2005.

We train students in traditional Shito-ryu style Karate techniques, Nippon Jujitsu and Iai-do (Japanese sword). 

The academy was formed by Sensei Ravi who has 30+ years of experience in Karate. He holds the rank of 5th Dan Black Belt in Karate-do and 2nd Dan Black Belt in Iai-do/Jujitsu. He currently serves as the Treasurer, Board of Director in Texas Karate Federation.

Here at Shuko-kai Karate Academy, we believe that anyone with a constant pratice & passion can achieve real results and better themself in life. We train students the traditional japanese katas with their bunkai (meaning of moves). Students will be practicing the kata bunkais regularly which makes them well-prepared to handle real life conflicts.
We also train students for competition with tournament-style kumite (fight) techniques.

We teach students of all ages 4 and above. We run convinient weekend classes in multiple locations in Plano and Frisco area.
We offer custom tailored self-defense short courses for Teenagers and Adults on Fridays.

Our Locations:

Plano (Ohio Dr & McDermott Rd):
(Children Garden Montessori Academy)
8565 Gratitude Trl, Plano, TX 75024​​

Frisco East (Custer Rd & Eldarado Pkwy):
(Children Garden Montessori Academy)
10955 S Custer Rd, Frisco, TX 75035

Frisco West: (near Little-Elm) - opening soon
(Wisdom Montessori Academy)
25679 Smotherman Rd, Frisco, TX 75033

We are part of Soke Kunio Miyake's Shuko-kai International organization. Details of Soke Miyake's organization can be found at